Find the best Lasertag (assessment of the competition)



$6 to $12 / player

Anywhere in VT or NH

Obviously I'm biased :-) but I've tried to provide just the facts in this "Best Lasertag Assessment".... so here are mine;

- I come to you; less commuting, and you control the food

- Outdoors; That makes it much more fun, active, and dynamic. Weather's rarely an issue since early afternoon typically misses the rain. (I also offer an absolutely pain free rescheduling guarantee; Just call before I get in the car.)

- No extra charge for number of players (up to 35)

$199 near Montpelier VT, less than $250 for most others.

Infinite Laser Tag

Space Entertainment


$30 to $50 / player

5,000 sq ft Indoor in Hooksett NH

Cheese pizza and arcade coins included

I've heard good things about this 5,000 sq ft facility in Hookset NH. Includes cheese pizza

Three different packages that vary in terms of amount of lasertag, and arcade coins $250 to $400 for 8 players, $20 to $35 per additional player.


Space Entertainment

Strategy Zone


$20 to $25 / player

12-yrs-old and up

Outdoors in Goshen NH

Pretty cool option for adults and older kids living near Goshen NH. Minimum 10 players to book a time, but for smaller groups you can tag along with another party. Count on 1 hour beforehand for administrative stuff. They use realistic metal guns that are 4 to 10 pounds. Be sure all your players are up for that sort of workout.

$20 for players 12-17 yrs-old ($25 per adult) for 3 hours of lasertag

Strategy Zone

Green Mountain


$25 to $35 / player

Outdoor in Colchester VT

(more $ for mobile)

Their bread and butter is paintball, but they now provide lasertag as well. I've heard mixed reviews about them. 

Basic Charge

$325 - 12 players for two hours at their Colchester VT property

Additional Charges

$75 to come to you (much more if outside of Chittenden County)

$15 for each additional player 

$100 each additional hour

Green Mountain Laser Tag

Bowling Alleys & Arcades


$20 to $25 / player

various locations in VT & NH

usually small indoor space

greasy food and arcade coins included

In Vermont, expect to pay about $200 for 8 or 10 players to get 3 fifteen minute games. That'll include $5.00 of arcade coins, and pizza or burgers 

In NH expect to pay $300 

A reasonable choice for a small group of younger kids. Lots of kids gets too expensive ($20 to $25 per player), and kids over 11-years-old will be bored quickly.

You won't need to provide food, but what they provide always has lots of salt and grease (pizza, burgers, etc) 

Be sure to ask how much lasertag they get. Typically a 2 hour party gets only 30 or 45 minutes of lasertag. The $5.00 of "free" arcade coins will be used up fast

Also, the Fun Factor varies greatly! 2,000 sq ft can be fun, but under 1,000 gets boring pretty quickly.


Barre VT - Twin City 

Colchester VT - Sparetime

 North Conway NH - Uberblast

Somersworth NH - Hilltop

Litchfield NH - Mel's Funway Park

Londonderry NH - Xtreme Craze

Lasertag Adventures


$15 to $30 / player

Young Players

Southern VT & NH

Located in Massachusetts, but travels to Southern VT and Southern NH. Good for younger players (5 to 10-years-old)

$225 for 8 players ($5 for each additional players and $100 for each additional hour)

Laser Tag Adventures